Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hotel Life

We are a bunch of traveling gypsies these days. This makes the third week we've been away from home living in a hotel. Justin's new job requires traveling from lab to lab and luckily, Garrett and I get to tag along with him. I miss MY house, MY bed, and all MY things but my home is where my family is and right now that's Columbus, GA. We aren't quite 2 hours away from home so we are able to go home on the weekend. I am just thankful I can be here with Justin rather than ALL BY MYSELF back in Villa Rica. We have already shown our house twice this month and hopefully soon it will sell so we can move back to NC.
Here are a few photos of my little man at our current residence, Courtyard Marriott.
He's a bed hog even on a king size bed. He squirms and kicks and grabs my face while I am trying to sleep. So, as of this week, he has been banished from our bed forever and now sleeps in his pack n play were he can squirm all he wants.
He is starting to sit up on his own now. I still like to put pillows around him just in case he falls over.
Oh me! That face has Justin Harrison written all over it!
This makes my heart stop beating.
Rockin the Mohawk.
Garrett and I watched history being made as President Obama took his oath.
(Garrett is a little upset because he did vote for the other guy )

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Garrett's first stay in a hotel
playing with daddy
hiding under the coffee table
carrot stained face
trying to take his diaper off
yummy teething biscuit
such a sweet little boy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Hey, Mama, come here quick."
"This is fun and all, but I think I'm done."
"How about put that camera down and hold me, please."
"I don't think you understand...I can't take much more of this."