Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alaina Month 1

These past 6 weeks have flown by so fast! Life as mother of two doesn't allow me a whole lot of free time. As much as I love scrapbooking and blogging, right now I'd just rather use my free time napping. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging regularly. Hopefully.

Alaina is such an easy baby. She's very content and not nearly as high maintenance as Garrett was when he was an infant. She likes to sleep in the baby swing and just chill on a blanket on the floor. Garrett would NEVER do that. If he wasn't in my arms 24/7 he was crying.

Breastfeeding is going well...great actually. That makes me very happy. We aren't on much of a schedule right now but since I'm staying home with her, I don't feel much pressure to get her on one. She likes to graze all throughout the day but then she'll give me 4-5 hour stretches at night. I'm not complaining.

Alaina has started smiling. It melts my heart. Garrett LOVES her so much. He's a good big brother and helps me out so much. I feel so blessed. I have to pinch myself all the time. I'm looking forward to all the milestones Alaina will be reaching and trying to savor every minute.

Here are a few random pics throughout her first month of life: