Monday, August 25, 2008

Bath Time Fun

We gave Garrett his first tub bath tonight. He seemed to really enjoy it.

Daddy and I couldn't help but laugh at his little naked body.

Look at that belly!

All clean!!

Cute Little Belly Button

We've been patiently waiting for Garrett's umbilical cord stump to fall off. His pediatrician said it should only take about 3 weeks to dry out and separate. Well, 3 weeks passed and it was still holding on.

Then 4 weeks came and went and it wasn't budging.

After 5 weeks passed, I was beginning to think he would start school with it still attached to him!Then finally this past Friday morning when I changed his diaper, looking back at me was the cutest belly button in the world!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meeting Grandma Marilyn and Aunt Sierra

This past weekend, Justin's mom and sister flew down for a visit to meet Garrett. I loved having all the extra hands around to hold the baby and give me a chance to catch a few Zs. Mrs. Marilyn also introduced me to my new favorite meal (pepper steak) by by cooking dinner for us Saturday night. I hated for them to leave and I'm sure Garrett did too.

I was able to hand him over each morning to his Grandma and hop back in the bed for a little more sleep before his next feeding. She had all these tricks up her sleeve to get Garrett fall fast asleep....PLEASE COME BACK!!!
My baby boy is now 1-month-old. It feels like only yesterday...

Aunt Sierra loved holding a sleeping Garrett. He wasn't as much fun when he started wiggling and squirming around.

While in Georgia, Mrs. Marilyn and Sierra wanted to visit the aquarium. Garrett loved all the fish. He actually snoozed the whole time tucked away in his stroller.

With all the fun and excitement the aquarium had to offer, this was definitely the highlight of Mrs. Marilyn and Sierra's trip. On his first trip to the mall (before we could even walk in the door) Garrett decided to break his mommy in with an explosive messy diaper. It took 4 people to clean up that mess!

( I am sure he will love it one day when he finds out I posted this picture online for all of his family to see)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Justin's Birthday and Garrett - Week 3

We celebrated Justin's birthday this past month. Garrett was so excited to sing Happy Birthday and watch Daddy cut his cake. Justin requested a lemon pound cake this year. It was so good.
Happy 28th Birthday, Justin!
He always wants to be near his daddy.
Sometimes he loves this bouncer and then sometimes not so much.
Oh cute!
Close up...don't you just want to bite those cheeks??
I can't get enough of that sweet face.
Those lips! That chin! I could eat him.

Wide awake.
So sweet. He LOVES his mommy and his mommy LOVES him.
This is the only way Garrett would let us eat that night. He doesn't see what the big deal is. Why wouldn't we want to hold him 24/7??
If you only knew how true this was...

I giggled when I put these itty bitty pants on him. His daddy doesn't like them but I think they are soooo cute!
Daddy, where did those gray hairs come from??
Look at that space between his toes. Just like his Daddy's! Sweetest picture ever.